"Bring on all the pretenders, I'm not afraid."

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don’t be mean to me because i will remember it for exactly forever

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"It’s kinda interesting with Taylor her last album she wrote all by herself she wrote 100%, with this RED album she just wanted to collaborate with people and I heard that and I was doing a gig in Nashville and her manger came to the show and I was like “ohh maybe she wants to write." I kinda put the idea in his head and he was like “no I’m sure she is unaware of who you are" and I was like “well if she ever wants to write just give me a call." Literally the next day he went back and said “have you ever heard of him?" and she was like “Oh My God! yea"

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when a teacher postpones a test


when a teacher postpones a test you studied for


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am I the only one who mentally sings hollaback girl if I forget how to spell bananas 

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